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Why is remote distribution (possibly) the future of work?

Hiring people that don’t live near you or your office is becoming more common, and we have embraced this from the start at WooThemes (and Automattic).

At WordCamp Europe, Tom Wilmot from Human Made did a great presentation on this:

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From Commercial Themes to the Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform – The story of WooThemes

Mark (my co-founder at Woo) spoke at WordCamp Europe on the story of WooThemes. If you are interested in how we grew Woo from 3 to 55 people in just under seven years, and how we were eventually acquired by Automattic, then take a look at the video of the presentation.

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Fishing in British Columbia

I had the chance to visit the beautiful British Columbia on my last fishing trip. We flew from Vancouver to Smithers, a cozy little town over the mountains, and we fished for Chinook (King) Salmon on the Kemano and Skeena river. During the week we saw a lot of big bears, and even had a few close encounters with some grizzlies.

If you like the video above, feel free to check out my other Vimeo videos.

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Wtf is a8c?

Going through due diligence with Automattic meant learning a lot about the company. One of the amusing things to discover was all the acronyms used, and the first time I saw “a8c” I had no idea what it meant.

Was it a code word for some secret project?

Did everybody else but me know what it meant?

Luckily I’m not the only one who didn’t know of these acronyms, and I’ve since learned about a11n, a12s and even a16z from reading The Hard Things About Hard Things

I’ll be honest and say that I never knew what the hell Il8n meant when reading about translating WordPress into other languages – and probably too lazy to Google it. But now it all clicks!

Consider this a crash course in abbreviations of long words, and know that you aren’t the only one.