About Me

Short Bio

I’m co-founder of WooCommerce, Angel investor in Sprettert and proud dad from Stavanger, Norway. I love to play golf and go on fly-fishing adventures.

Investor in Norwegian Startups

I’m an angel investor with Sprettert, an informal group of investors from Stavanger that invest in early stage startups primarily in Norway.

I’m committed to helping startups with both capital and knowledge from my own entrepreneurial experience with WooCommerce, and since 2016 I’ve invested 30+ companies:

Vimana Snow, Assitech, Snapmed, Futurehome, Höylytt, Bikefinder, Halodi, Elanovations, Graphiq, KVS Technologies, Heimdall Power, Pickr.AI, ClevAir, Zoaring, Aivero, Conta, Intoto, PaleBlue, Auk, Zelo, Enin, Campio, Elveguiden, Zendera, Nivel, Counting Hero, Justify, Proptly and Reprice.

Co-Founder of WooCommerce

I am the co-founder of WooCommerce (formerly known as WooThemes), one of the fastest growing open source eCommerce platforms in the world.

WooThemes was founded in 2008, and was a leading supplier of WordPress themes and plugins. In 2011 we released WooCommerce, an hugely successful open source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. We were acquired by Automattic in 2015.

Automattic is the company behind WordPress.com, WooCommerce, JetPack and WordPress VIP, and was founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2006.

Before being acquired, Woo was a distributed team of 55 people working remotely from over 16 countries. The Woo team is now 200 people, working as part of Automattic.