Bikefinder re-design

Bikefinder is a startup that I’m and advisor and investor in. They are making an integrated GPS tracker for bikes with a sim card, so you can track it anywhere via web or app.

The online store was setup on WooCommerce using the Storefront theme, and I made a new custom design for it. Instead of using Photoshop like I normally do, I was recommended UXPin, which is pretty remarkable tool for making fast mockups or detailed designs for web and mobile. 

The House

Our long search for a plot of land to build our dream house on came to an end in March 2016, when finally found the perfect location only a short walk from our current house.

And now, almost a year later we are getting close to starting the building process. We are excited to see it become a reality!

Flyfishing in Alaska

Our third time at Alaska West and Kanektok river, and I brought my Phantom drone this time for a new perspective on this amazing fishery full of King Salmon, Sockeye, Chums, Dollies, Rainbow Trout and more.

Caught my two biggest King salmon ever on the last two days, took a while to reel those tanks in!

If you enjoyed the above, you might like my previous ones available on my Vimeo profile.

WooTrip Berlin

The whole WooTeam is in Berlin getting some valued facetime together, celebrating 1 year with Automattic. Thursday was an eventful day which started off with presentations from Mark and Myself, a town hall and a Q&A with Matt.

One year at Automattic!

Today is the one year mark of Woo being acquired and us joining Automattic! It has been a great ride so far and time has flown fast, so we must be having fun.

Our team is meeting up in Berlin in July for the final WooTrip to celebrate and get some valuable facetime.

Cheers to the future!